What are the general rules for Outgoing Payments?

PayPugs Outgoing Payment policy

  1. If the payment was returned due to a policy of the recipient’s bank - PayPugs keep the commission and the funds are not returned to the customer account. 
  2. If the payment was returned by an internal error where PayPugs personnel did not implement the payment procedure correctly - the client will receive the commission back and be asked if the payment should still proceed.
  3. Outgoing payment requests are processed and issued within 12 working hours, (if the client has provided all the necessary documentation requested within the payment request form). If the documentation isn’t provided with the request- the payment will be processed within 24 hours, once all of the documentation is received. 
  4. Cut-off time for outgoing payment requests is set for 18:00 (GMT+3). Payment requests submitted after this time will be reviewed and processed the following working day (from 9:00 (GMT+3).
  5. If the payment is returned/rejected; due to the client providing incorrect information,  by the beneficiary bank or for other reasons in favor of the beneficiary - the payment fees are not returned to the client’s account. 
  6. If the payment is returned/rejected, due to PayPugs’ corresponding bank internal rules the payment fees are not returned to the client’s account. 
  7.  In case payment is returned/rejected due to an internal error  -  the payment fees are returned to the client’s account.
  8. In case the requested outgoing amount that includes the payment fee exceeds your PayPugs account balance then the amount transferred will be equivalent to the maximum amount allowed by your balance.